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Witch Trials Book 1 and 2 to be published by Storm

I'm so excited to share the news that my Witch Trial books are going to be published this year by Storm Publishing. ook one in the series will publish in July 2023, followed by the second book in October.

In their words: "We are over the moon to welcome Sophie Williamson to Storm! Publisher Kathryn Taussig acquired World English rights in ebook, paperback and audio to two fantasy novels by author Sophie Williamson from Marlene Stringer at The Stringer Literary Agency. The first two books in a linked series, Sophie’s books tell the story of Sadie Sadler – a young witch who is called back to her hometown in the north to save her older brother from imprisonment. The only problem? Six years ago, she promised herself to the son and heir of her family’s greatest rivals and, if she returns, she might finally have to honour the deal…"

I'm already underway with edits and loving every minute of it.

My original pitch and a few aesthetics below...

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